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News Archive

Social Solutions is awarded a new 8(a) contract! 

Social Solutions recently received a new 8(a) contract from the United States Air Force. The goal of the Mental Health Distance Learning Support contract is to provide Web-based Mental Health Distance Learning training CD-ROMs and certification for Air Force addiction counselor educational courses to counselors in the United States Air Force. These distance learning tools are provided using a Web portal with 24-hour access for testing and certificate of completion whereby Air Force counselors may obtain access to course work. Social Solutions will oversee development and implementation of all distance learning activities through a partnership with the Distance Learning Center for Addiction Studies:

Commander Ready: Are You Ready?  

Social Solutions staff recently completed development of the Commander Ready program for the Executive Office of the Mayor in Washington, DC.  The Commander Ready program is a specialized component of the DC Neighborhood Corps and DC Citizen Corps programs designed to educate and engage DC youth ages 5-13 in emergency preparedness. The program includes a paper-based curriculum for teachers and an activity book for youth. An auxiliary DVD, featuring the Ready Team, in full animation, provides youth with an additional opportunity to complete preparedness activities in a game format.  The Commander Ready program will roll out in DC public schools in 2007.   

Social Solutions Supports Science Enrichment Program for Baltimore City Youth 

To make scientific literacy a realistic goal for children living in urban poverty and to increase their understanding of environmental issues, children in Baltimore must have opportunities to experience “science as inquiry” in connected and culturally relevant ways.  In support of this cause, Social Solutions staff volunteered their grant writing skills to an inner-city Baltimore City school -- Patterson Park Public Charter School - to establish a science enrichment program for youth in grades 3-5.  As a result, the school was awarded a grant through the Lowes Charitable Trust for the development of an after school science program, with planned activities ranging from science-related field trips to development of a butterfly garden and aquarium/terrarium, to construction of a school yard weather station and bird and bat houses for a local park.

Social Solutions Helps NIH Determine why Minorities Participate in HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials  

In collaboration with NIH’s Clinical Centers, Social Solutions is working with African Americans and Latinos living with HIV/AIDS to determine their decision-making processes as they relate to participation in clinical trials.  Through a series of in-depth interviews and focus groups, in English and Spanish, Social Solutions is helping to facilitate groundbreaking research.

Social Solutions partners with Alvarez & Associates to address drug abuse internationally

With funding from the United States Department of State (DoS), through a subcontract from Alvarez and Associates, Social Solutions is providing International Demand Reduction expertise to the DoS’ Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement. To assist DoS in reducing global demand for illicit drugs, Social Solutions is: 1) developing, administering, and analyzing the results of a needs assessment to determine the training needs of international drug prevention and treatment providers; 2) developing, implementing, and evaluating HIV training for international drug prevention and treatment providers; and 3) conducting feasibility, best practice, pilot, and evaluation studies.  Social Solutions further assists Alvarez & Associates and the DoS with the development of culturally appropriate materials and methods for demand reduction work in Latin America, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

Latest News

Social Solutions wins awards using GSA MOBIS schedule and PSC IDIQ

Social Solutions has two new vehicles that allow clients to access services using streamlined contracting processes. Social Solutions was recently awarded a GSA MOBIS Schedule and a Prime Small Business Contract on HHS Program Support Center (PSC) IDIQ.  Using these new contract vehicles, Social Solutions has procured three GSA contracts for the United States Air Force and a PSC award from the Office on Women’s Health (described below).

Dedication to girl’s and women’s health demonstrated through new projects at HHS and HRSA

Social Solutions will have the opportunity to contribute to the health and well-being of adolescent girls and women in a variety of ways as the result of three new contracts awarded by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).  Social Solutions will work with HRSA to translate and adapt the Bright Futures for Women’s Health and Wellness Initiative materials. The materials, which incorporate a wellness focus, are designed to empower young and adult women in their health care decision-making and increase the use of preventive health services across the lifespan.  Working with DHHS, Social Solutions is conducting an evaluation of an intervention designed to improve parent-child communication between African American and Latina mothers and their pre-teen daughters. As a result of the recent PSC award, Social Solutions is also conducting an environmental scan and developing a series of recommendations to inform the development of National Girl Adolescent Health and Wellness Initiative to be created by the Office on Women’s Health (OWH).  

Social Solutions supports the United States Air Force providing evaluation, training, and contracts expertise

Social Solutions has been funded by the Department of Defense to provide evaluation, training, and contracts expertise to the United States Air Force. Working with the Behavioral Health Division, Social Solutions is providing training and technical assistance on Motivational Interviewing techniques and principles to USAF substance abuse counselors and Airmen. At the same time, Social Solutions has a team conducting an international evaluation of the USAF Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program. Evaluation activities will include design of the evaluation, development and pilot testing of measures, implementation of surveys, data collection, management, entry, analysis, and reporting. Finally, Social Solutions is providing procurement, information, and administrative support through recruitment and placement of contract support professionals in Alaska, Guam, and Hawaii.

International evaluation expertise promotes public diplomacy

Social Solutions is entering the second year of a five year contract funded by the Department of State (DoS) to provide evaluation and performance measurement expertise and leadership to the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). The ECA serves both as a critical element and extension of the State Department’s traditional diplomacy function. The diversity of programming, activities, thematic emphases and content, participants, and program goals enables ECA to realize its overarching Public Diplomacy and Citizen Diplomacy goals: fostering mutual understanding and forging linkages between citizens and institutions in the U.S. and overseas. The Evaluation Division in ECA’s Office of Policy and Evaluation (ECA/P) serves as the locus of program evaluation and performance measurement functions for ECA’s programs and for the Bureau as a whole.  It provides critical performance measurement and evaluative data – both qualitative and quantitative – to Senior Managers in ECA and the DoS as part of annual or occasional USG mandated strategic planning and performance measurement exercises. It also provides performance data on highly visible initiatives and offers analysis and reports on the data collected.

Social Solutions supports NIDA in tracking national substance abuse trends

Through the State and Local Epidemiology Planning and Information Development contract, Social Solutions works with the National Institute on Drug Abuses’ (NIDA's) Community Epidemiology Work Group (CEWG) to provide and enhance capacity for responding to emerging drug abuse problems. The purpose of this contract is to continue and expand NIDA’s applied epidemiology program which began in 1976 by organizing and executing work group meetings composed of epidemiologists, ethnographers, and other drug abuse research experts and to provide for discussion of findings from secondary analysis of local, national, and international research data in a selected number of geographic areas.  To enhance technical capability of CEWG representatives and quality of CEWG reports, CEWG meetings include sessions on research and analysis methods. Through this contract Social Solutions is also responsible for communicating NIDA’s most current drug epidemiologic information. To do this, Social Solutions determines effective methods of communication with target populations in the public health and scientific community with the goal of enhancing NIDA’s capability to provide information concerning epidemiologic patterns and trends, new and emerging problems, and risk factors in the most useful and timely manner.


 Social Solutions Staff Co-Author Three Chapters in: The Complete Writing Guide to NIH Behavioral Science Grants


Social Solutions has collaborated with editors Larry Scheier and William Dewey to create a comprehensive writing guide to prepare potential applicants for the rigors of NIH grant review. The goal of the book is to familiarize readers with the procedures and politics underlying the review process and the requirements for grant submissions. Designed to help a wide range of potential investigators improve their grant writing skills, the book addresses an expanse of substantive expertise and covers different strategies and grant writing tactics. Beginning with generally accepted guidelines for research applications, the book also includes the essential points of scholarship and criteria considered mandatory for reviewers.Social Solutions staff co-authored chapters on minority and international funding opportunities; Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grants and contracts; and fellowships for pre-doctoral students.


Featured Partner


The University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies (UMSNHS) has a distinguished tradition of preparing nurses to provide compassionate, quality care to local, national and international communities. Social Solutions has partnered with the UMSNHS to address health issues that disproportionately affect Hispanics.

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